Selasa, 04 September 2007

Conspriracy Theory, real or imagination??

There so much references in this world about conspiracy theory. There is a theory about some organization who control the world. We can't prove whether it's fact or fiction. There is some clue about conspiracy theory in business rule that can be happen around us.
If you do a research about rich people percentage, you will find that there is a class who has the same characteristic in a mindset, hobby, taste, and spirit. That is the community who has an entrepreneurial spirit.
And, if you classified the rich people categories, you will find there is some tribes who dominates the rich people categories. In Indonesia, we can say Chinese and Minang. People always think that they are an trading nation, that true but not at all. Chinese and Minang can be the trading people because their environment forced them to be the trader.
That's tribes domination produce an opinion in us that they makes a conspiracy theory to be a great trader just like : Minang give their families a cheap prices, networking, and facilities to build business empire. Chinese just make a deal with their tribe, they almost never cooperate with Indonesian people.
That's true, but not at all.
We are the agent of change. Don't blame our fault to some segment people. Our future is happened by ourselves!!

Minggu, 02 September 2007

In Indonesia you to be a charming figure to be trusted

Indonesia is a great country with a huge potential. We have so many natural resources and human resources. We have a variant culture, and tribes. Indonesia is a multicultural country. Despite we come from the same territory and geophysical place, but we have a different language, accent, and physical appearance.
This country doesn't change their culture extremely in this several years. We just same with long years ago, when we are not independence. We still trusted in charming figure, not a capable figure!! Let me prove it. Counting from a simple case, in Highschool. Who is your OSIS leader? I believe they are a people who was charismatic and charmed. Just a few case that show an OSIS leader is a capable person with high leadership level. Next on your college, who is your campus BEM leader? Maybe in college, there are some people who has a clear judgment about the candidates. In a reality, the volume of that person is a little and not influenced. Strangely, it doesn't work in President Level. All of our president wasn't elected by their charm, but because politic manipulation and conspiracy theory.
I think is a blunder frame. So many people have integrity, quality, and trustworthy. But why they just thinking about their charm and doesn't think 'bout their quality? I don't think we can be a great country if we don't wanna change our mindset about a leader.

Sabtu, 01 September 2007

Batik, Indonesia Identity

Batik comes from Java's language "amba" that means "writing" or "spot". Batik is referred for a clothes with a motif that resulted by wax material that applicated in a clothes, called "wax-resist dyeing".
Batik was made in sutera, polyester, rayon, and another synthesis material. Batik motif was made by wax liquid with a device called canting, or kuas for a big sized motif, so the liquid penetrating into the cloth fiber. Immerse the clothes that has been painted with a wax with a wanted color, a bright color is a common color for this. Penetration was done for another motif with a dark color later. After finishing coloring process, the "batik" clothes was penetrated in a chemical material to fusing the wax.
Batik was produced in another country such as Malaysia, India, Srilangka, and Thailand. But people know it as Indonesia culture. Batik has a very big opportunity in a global business. Batik doesn't have a big manufacturing in a world, people know it as home industry. If there is someone interested in batik business, i believe that batik can becoming a prospective business.

Jumat, 31 Agustus 2007

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Kamis, 30 Agustus 2007

Thailand in Premiership leagues

The Effect of Asian Cup was suffered in European football leagues. Thailand is the first sample. This week, maybe Thailand will hit the history in premier league and the actor is Suree Sukha, right back from Thailand national team. He will be the first thailand player in premier league. Thaksin Sinawatra, eks prime minister from Thailand has starts the way earlier. He buys a club from Manchester, Manchester City. Now, Manchester City was becoming a big club with a big budget and becoming a new power in premier league. Now city position in premier leagues is 2nd, minus 1 point than the 1st, chelsea.
In later Asian Cup, teams from South East Asian has showed that they can make a great football and make the other Asian's nationals team become things that they're dangerous. Indonesia has proved it. They beat Bahrain, 2-1, make Arab Saudi give a hard struggling although we lose 1-2, and make South Korean feels that they just doing lucky winning (0-1). Thailand, and Vietnam was do the same way like Indonesia.
My question is, why Indonesia can't produce a great footballer that can be an assets for European team. We have a same quality with Thailand and same character with Thailand. It's a challenge man!! Prove that we can do it!